Your Name

INTRO G/B C D/Fs Em7 (repeat 2 times) G/B C D/Fs G VERSE 1 G/B C D G As morning dawns and evening fades G/B C D G You inspire songs of praise G/B C D Em7 That rise from earth to touch Your heart C D G And glorify Your Name CHORUS Bm7 Em7 … [Read more…]

Yours Forever

INTRO C Em7 G D C Em7 D VERSE 1 C G C G/B D My life is in Your hands, my times are in Your hands C Em7 D G Though nations shake and thunders roll Am7 D I will trust in You completely VERSE 2 C G C G/B D I yearn for … [Read more…]

In Jesus’ Name

INTRO D(no3) C(no3) D(no3) C(no3) D(no3) C(no3) D(no3) VERSE 1 G Em7 God is fighting for us, God is on our side Bm D He has overcome, Yes he has overcome G Em7 We will not be shaken, we will not be moved D Jesus You are here INTERLUDE G Em7 Bm D G Em7 … [Read more…]

God Is Here

INTRO D Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh (repeat 5 times) VERSE 1 D G D Open our eyes Lord, we want to see You A G Em7 Open our hearts Lord, we want to know You D G D Open our ears Lord, we need to hear You A G D Jesus be revealed, Jesus … [Read more…]